What's New?

Industry veterans John Stearns and David Tushie have combined
to form Magellan Consulting, Inc., dedicated to providing consulting
services in the global payment and secure ID card industry.

Our expertise results from:

Magellan Consulting provides consulting services to all aspects of
the card industry.  Services range from card issuance systems to
card operations; from key management and ID security to smart
card issuance and card management.
What We Do

Our services can help clients with:
  • Card design
  • Card operations design
  • Card issuance and management solutions
  • Implementing smart card key management/security
  • Project planning, design and implementation
  • Due diligence
  • Identity theft deterrents
Magellan Consulting, Inc.
  • Over 40 years combined experience in the      
    payment card, smart card, and secure ID card
  • Original founders of UbiQ Inc., a smart card
    personalization software system solutions
  • Top Executive level positions with Datacard
    and NBS Technologies, two of the leading
    industry suppliers
  • Contributors to the development of ISO/ANSI,
    EMV, and GlobalPlatform standards